Online personal training include direct consultation with Praveen Tokas
How we do it

Specialising in tried and tested techniques rather than following fads and gimmicks, each aspect of a potential client’s life is taken into consideration by Tokas, including their diet, their work life and their existing level of fitness so that he can create a bespoke periodized regime that will achieve the desired results. The idea is to help you adopt the right mindset to succeed in your programme and adjust to your new normal. Tokas believes in the simple mantra that his job as coach is to simply apply knowledge to fine-tune your training, nutrition and to re-wire your bad habits so that you can achieve the desired body.

1. Assessment and goal setting.
Blood profile(blood test required) and medical history.
Comprehensive questionnaire to know everything from your training history, injuries and physical activities. Based on that we will set up short term and long term fitness goals. We’ll also assess postural photos and any videos that you can provide of you performing exercises.


2. Expert advice and training supervision.

We focus on the correct execution of movement and concentrate on full body workouts to maximize results. We create a solid foundation and strategically progress movements to improve your strength in the most efficient way. Our practical support will help you build your new healthy habits and make positive lifestyle changes ensuring long-lasting results.

3. Travelling fitness plan
We will arrange travel fitness plan for you so that you will stay healthy and fit while travelling..

4. Intelligent Nutrition Support
Nutrition is the foundation of health. Your food choices each day affect your health and how you feel. When you combine nutrition with cardio, supplementation, progressive resistance training, and professional assistance, you will achieve the results you are after and maintain them. You’ll look better, feel great, and live the lifestyle you’ve always imagined

Each program includes
1. Periodized strength and conditioning program, Corrective exercise training, flexibility (dynamic and static warm-up), strength, endurance, power training, hypertrophy, proprioception and recovery modalities.

2. Joint stabilization and postural integration modules

3. Performance based Nutrition support plan.